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Tax Benefit Calculator

Learn how to get Uncle Sam, the government, to help you pay for your home. This information is invaluable.

Standard vs. 80/15 Piggyback Loan Calculator

This calculator will help you decide whether to take one loan and pay mortgage insurance or take an 80/15 piggyback loan and avoid the extra cost. You can save thousands with this knowledge.

Mortgage Principal Balance Calculator

Use this calculator to tell you how much you will owe on your mortgage at any given time. Great for financial planning.

Qualifying Income Calculator

You’ve found the perfect home. How much income do you need to qualify for the mortgage to complete the purchase. This calculator will give you the answer quickly.

Loan Refinance Calculator

A lender has offered you a new mortgage at a lower interest rate but, with additional costs. Should you refinance? This calculator will quickly give you the answer.

Interest Only Calculator

Quickly determine your monthly mortgage payment if you’re considering an interest only mortgage.



You can also DOWNLOAD the following online calculators for OFFLINE CALCULATIONS:


Credit Card Payout Goal Calculator

Stuck with credit card debt? Wondering how long it will take to pay off? This calculator will provide the answer.

Monthly Mortgage Payment Calculator

Quickly determine how much your monthly mortgage payment will be under any loan scenario.

Augmented Mortgage Principal Balance Calculator

This calculator will tell you how much sooner your mortgage can be paid off when making extra principal payments. Save thousands in interest.

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