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It doesn’t hurt to at least know what amount you’re going to pay for your mortgage. In fact, it’s ideal to actually know how much you are going to spend on monthly dues and save yourself from errors due to miscalculations. It’s somewhat frustrating for first loaners when they get to the monthly payment process. Other times, you get the frustration of achieving qualifications in mortgage processes such as credit history, employment information, expenses and payments some other stuff. Also there some known issues regarding mortgage loans. Well, I call them fears rather than issues and I can tell you some of them. So far the known issues I have encountered of having a mortgage loan are loss of property value, bought a property but you didn’t like it, can make it to your payment in time, understanding mortgage and how it works and so on and so forth. It’s such a hassle when you end up in that kind of situation. So how exactly are you going to avoid that? Simple,

Use a calculator that can get you results, fast!… plus more nifty details!


All calculators give you results, but not as detailed as this one. This product gives more than just numbers, it lets you know further details that can help you in your decision making. Just to give you a teaser on what I mean about “details”, watch the video below.



That’s just one of the many calculators that are featured here. You can actually download a few of them for you to test out, while the rest are available for premium users.


Part of the planning in mortgage loan is the payment itself. Therefore you need a calculator to get results ahead of time.


Here are the list of CALCULATORS  that are part of the entire PREMIUM COLLECTION  currently being offered.

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Should you continue renting or buy a home now? There are many variables to consider when making this decision. This calculator takes them all into consideration and provides the solution.

Qualifying Mortgage Calculator

You want to start looking for that dream home. You would like to know what mortgage loan amount you qualify for so you can look for homes in the correct price range. Use this calculator to get the answer.

Mortgage Loan Comparison Calculator

You’ve been offered several different mortgage loans with different interest rates and associated costs. Which is best? Use this calculator to find out.

Tax Benefit Calculator

Learn how to get Uncle Sam, the government, to help you pay for your home. This information is invaluable.

Standard vs. 80/15 Piggyback Loan Calculator

This calculator will help you decide whether to take one loan and pay mortgage insurance or take an 80/15 piggyback loan and avoid the extra cost. You can save thousands with this knowledge.

Mortgage Principal Balance Calculator

Use this calculator to tell you how much you will owe on your mortgage at any given time. Great for financial planning.

Qualifying Income Calculator

You’ve found the perfect home. How much income do you need to qualify for the mortgage to complete the purchase. This calculator will give you the answer quickly.

Loan Refinance Calculator

A lender has offered you a new mortgage at a lower interest rate but, with additional costs. Should you refinance? This calculator will quickly give you the answer.

Interest Only Calculator

Quickly determine your monthly mortgage payment if you’re considering an interest only mortgage.


In addition, you can also DOWNLOAD the following online calculators for OFFLINE CALCULATIONS:

Credit Card Payout Goal Calculator

Stuck with credit card debt? Wondering how long it will take to pay off? This calculator will provide the answer.

Monthly Mortgage Payment Calculator

Quickly determine how much your monthly mortgage payment will be under any loan scenario.

Augmented Mortgage Principal Balance Calculator

This calculator will tell you how much sooner your mortgage can be paid off when making extra principal payments. Save thousands in interest.

You won’t get any of these helpful calculators around, and even if you do, they don’t give as much information that you need or perhaps didn’t know about. You don’t need to calculate “manually” all the needed stuff if you can practically do it “automatically”!

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